Interview with Miss Nepal 2017, Nitika Chandak

Interview with  Miss Nepal 2017, Nitika Chandak

I simply grabbed the opportunity that I got.

Kathmandu, June 6, 2017: Nikita Chandak was crowned with Miss Nepal World title in the Grand Finale ceremony of the competition held on June 2, Friday. Along with winning the Miss Nepal title, she is also the category winner of Miss Confident and Miss Popular Choice in the pageant. A native of Urlabari, Morang district, Nikita is a lady with big dreams and aspirations.

A student of Bachelor in Commerce at Amity University, Noida, she had been to Nepal for TGIF Nepal Fashion Week two months ago. And, things developed so quickly that she applied for Miss Nepal competition, and finally won the pageant.

Basanta Kumar Dhakal from Glocal Khabar caught up with this wonderful personality for an exclusive interview. Below is an excerpt from the lively conversation with her where she reveals the journey of her life, her experience of getting honored with the most esteemed crown in Nepal, her ambitions, and more.

Glocal Khabar: As a child, had you ever thought that you would be participating in such a contest and win the title of Miss Nepal? What were your childhood dreams?

Nikita: Actually, I had never thought of getting into modelling or into beauty pageants as a child. I was quite a reserved person, and a school topper student. In my childhood, I always dreamed that I would be a doctor in the future.

Where did you complete your education from? And, how did this modelling career begin?

My pre-primary education was in Urlabari, Morang itself. Then, I went to West Bengal Boarding School for class 2 & 3, to return back to Urlabari again. I completed 9 – 12, from Rajasthan. Then, I joined Bachelor degree in Commerce at Amity University in Noida, which is still running.

And, my stint into modelling happened while doing university degree itself.

By the way, how did the Miss Nepal thing happen?

Frankly speaking, I had come here two months ago for TGIF Nepal Fashion Week, after my board exams were over. While walking on the ramp, people appreciated me, including the then Miss Nepal Asmi Shrestha and Subarna Chhetri sir, Director of The Hidden Treasure. They thought I was an Indian Model, and spoke to me in that manner. That time, I said that I am originally from Morang, Nepal. Then, I was handed over the visiting card of The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal, and shown a path to the pageant.

Only then did I come up with a thought of applying for it and spoke to my family. Thus began the journey into Miss Nepal pageant.

It was an opportunity that I got, and I grabbed that.

Can you share some of your wonderful experiences from the journey into Miss Nepal?

Talking about the Miss Nepal journey, it might look very easy from outside, but we had to work so hard. We used to be in the training for almost 12 hours every day, from 6 AM – 6 PM. It was really not an easy job at all.

As I have seen in other contestants also, it happens like when we enter the room for the first day, we all have that confidence, ‘Okay, I’m gonna make it to the crown.’ But, after seeing each other and having gone through various training, we realize that there are so many weaknesses in us and need to improve that. The journey into Miss Nepal has been a great learning experience. It has helped in the personality development of every contestant, build confidence level, and have a positive attitude.

How did it felt the time you were getting crowned? Can you recall those moments?

When I recall June 2, the Grand Finale day of Miss Nepal 2017, I didn’t have any emotion ever since I woke up. I was not nervous. Nor was I scared or excited. I was simply blank. All I knew was that there were so many people appreciating me, and texting me, ‘You deserve it. And, you need to win. You will win.’ That was giving me an encouragement that I need to present the best version of myself in the finale. I was not thinking about the result at all, but just my performance.

And, during the crowning moment, as soon as Miss Nepal Earth (first runner-up) was announced, almost all people in the venue were hooting ‘NIKITA! NIKITA! NIKITA!’ That moment too, what I was feeling was, ‘If the hosts were not to pronounce my name as the winner, it is going to be fun of myself.’ I was not even thinking that I would win the pageant.

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